Center for Assisted Reproduction

Center for Assisted Reproduction

RESOLVE Night of Hope Celebration

Drs. Kevin & Kathy Doody support the Night of Hope fundraising gala and reflect on Dr. Kevin’s 2017 Hope Award for Achievement.

CARE Fertility Nov 16, 2018

Introducing New SART Mobile App

Kevin Doody, M.D., assisted with the app design and development, focusing on enhancing patient experience.

CARE Fertility Nov 13, 2018

When Are Women Most Fertile?

Women are most fertile during certain parts of their regular cycle. Our fertility specialists consider ideal timing to attempt to conceive and why it matters.

CARE Fertility Nov 08, 2018

Dr. Anna Nackley Recognized by Rutledge Cancer Foundation

Dr. Anna Nackley Recognized by Rutledge Cancer Foundation with the “Heart of Gold” Award for Fertility Preservation Services for Cancer Patients

CARE Fertility Oct 05, 2018

Single vs. Multiple Embryo Transfer

Single and multiple embryo transfer are two in vitro fertilization (IVF) options. Let’s compare the risks and benefits of these fertility treatment options.

CARE Fertility Sep 28, 2018

Preconception Vitamins: How They Can Help

Taking preconception vitamins before attempting to conceive can improve chances of pregnancy. Fertility specialists from the Center for Assisted Reproduction share their tips.

CARE Fertility Aug 24, 2018

History of IVF: The Development of Fertility Treatments

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has a fascinating history. The Dallas, TX fertility doctors at Center for Assisted Reproduction (CARE) trace the development and evolution of…

CARE Fertility Jul 24, 2018

Miscarriage Symptoms and Risk Factors

Miscarriage symptoms and warning signs are important to monitor. The Bedford, Fort Worth, TX team at the Center for Assisted Reproduction goes over pregnancy loss…

CARE Fertility Jun 24, 2018

Health Tips to Help Get Pregnant

At the Center for Assisted Reproduction, our team discusses fertility treatments and offers a few health tips to help you get pregnant.

CARE Fertility Jun 01, 2018

Tubal Reversal Candidates: Is the Procedure Right for You?

Have you previously undergone a tubal ligation but desire to become pregnant? Find out if you are a tubal reversal candidate.

CARE Fertility Apr 27, 2018

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