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Male infertility: How men can deal with the stress and stigma

Despite the fact that male and female factors play a statistically equal role in infertility cases, female infertility receives more emphasis culturally. But men experience…

CARE Fertility Jun 18, 2021

“I focused on what I could control” — Matt’s journey with infertility

When Matt and Carissa first had difficulty building their family, they had reason to suspect it was a female issue. Only later did they realize…

CARE Fertility Jun 17, 2021

“It’s worth every single step” — Lauren & Brenna’s IVF journey

Lauren and Brenna's journey to each other was not a direct path, but it's one that was meant to be. With 4 failed IUIs, their…

CARE Fertility Jun 16, 2021

“Don’t ever give up” — Kim & Jen’s inspiring reciprocal IVF journey

Kim and Jen Cote just welcomed their second IVF baby into the world, one each with their own egg and the same donor sperm, and…

CARE Fertility Jun 15, 2021

“Be kind to yourself” — Natasha & Sirena’s fertility journey

After six failed IUIs and a miscarriage, Natasha and Sirena finally found success on their fertility journey using IVF. With each using their own eggs…

CARE Fertility Jun 14, 2021

Insurance & infertility: The hidden costs patients need to know about

Even if you have insurance coverage for fertility treatment, there's still a minefield of hidden costs to navigate — some of them quite costly. Many patients get in…

CARE Fertility May 25, 2021

How to develop self-care habits for a happier fertility journey

The stress of infertility is real. And when we're stressed, we may fall back on self-indulgent habits that only make us feel worse. True self-care…

CARE Fertility May 24, 2021

How to survive Mother’s Day while battling infertility

Bouquets of flowers. Hallmark Cards. Exuberant social media posts with photos of beaming mothers holding their newborns some taken thirty years ago, some thirty minutes…

CARE Fertility May 03, 2021

Infertility is a disease, and patients deserve a fighting chance

Having a biological child is not a luxury — it is what our bodies were designed to do. When they can’t, medical intervention is the…

CARE Fertility Apr 15, 2021

How the doctors of CARE Fertility have been impacted by the pandemic

One year after the coronavirus was first declared a global pandemic, it is safe to say that all of our daily lives have been changed…

CARE Fertility Mar 23, 2021

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