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How the doctors of CARE Fertility have been impacted by the pandemic

One year after the coronavirus was first declared a global pandemic, it is safe to say that all of our daily lives have been changed…

CARE Fertility Mar 23, 2021

Endometriosis & Infertility: What Are My Options?

Endometriosis is very common, affecting around 1 in 10 women in the U.S., and the condition can lead to infertility. Many endometriosis cases aren't actually diagnosed…

CARE Fertility Mar 18, 2021

Vitamin D & Infertility: What Your Doctor Wants You to Know

Studies show that vitamin D plays a role in reproductive health, and low levels may contribute to fertility issues. Here's what infertility patients need to…

CARE Fertility Mar 09, 2021

How to keep the romance alive during infertility treatment

This year, there are many potential reasons why you may not feel ready to embrace the season of love and romance. And for couples fighting…

CARE Fertility Feb 10, 2021

5 reasons for infertility patients to be optimistic about the future

If there's one thing all of us need at this moment, it's a reason to hope. Though we have seen troubling times, our enduring desire…

CARE Fertility Jan 26, 2021

“Never in my wildest dreams”: Carissa & Matt’s effortless IVF® Story

Though no two infertility journeys are the same, they're all guaranteed to come with emotional ups and downs for the couples who face it, and…

CARE Fertility Jan 11, 2021

Ten miscarriages & a leap of faith: a Louisiana couple's journey

Robert and Crystal Gaines have been married for 15 years. The first ten of those years were filled with love, hard work, and the heartbreak…

CARE Fertility Dec 21, 2020

How to feel better during your infertility journey

Scientific research tells us that gratitude is one of the best ways to beat stress and help patients cope with the physical and emotional demands…

CARE Fertility Nov 23, 2020

Single vs. multiple embryo transfer: Which is right for you?

A question we’re commonly asked by our IVF patients is, how many embryos should I transfer?

Once the in vitro fertilization process has produced successful embryos,…

CARE Fertility Oct 28, 2020

13 myths about infertility, debunked by doctors

Despite all the information we now have at our fingertips thanks to Google, many myths still prevail about infertility. At CARE Fertility, we believe that…

CARE Fertility Aug 24, 2020

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