How Egg Donation Helps Couples With Infertility

Nov 07, 2022
How Egg Donation Helps Couples With Infertility
Egg donation is the gift of life, helping many couples who are unable to conceive grow their families. Are you considering planning a family with the assistance of egg donation? Click here to learn how it helps those struggling with infertility.

Egg donation is a gift of life. Many people struggle to conceive on their own and turn to fertility experts like us for help. Donor eggs can help our patients achieve their dreams.

At CARE Fertility in Bedford and Fort Worth, Texas, our co-founders, Drs. Kevin and Kathy Doody, provide our patients with every available treatment option to help them grow their family, including use of egg donations. 

About egg donation

Pregnancy starts with the joining of an egg and sperm to create an embryo. For those unable to produce eggs for pregnancy, egg donation is an option.

For this process, you receive an egg from a healthy donor. This egg then undergoes in vitro fertilization (IVF) and the embryo is then placed in your uterus. We can use fresh or frozen donor eggs for this process, collected and preserved through an egg freezing procedure.

Egg donation has been an infertility treatment for decades and has helped many people have children. We were the first facility in North Texas to have a frozen donor egg baby.

Who benefits from egg donation?

Many people struggling with infertility benefit from egg donation. Initially, we recommended egg donation for women struggling with premature ovarian failure (POF), also called primary ovarian insufficiency, which is when a woman’s ovaries stop producing and releasing eggs before age 40.

We now also recommend egg donation for women with low ovarian reserve or poor egg quality. We also use egg donation for our patients who’ve gone through multiple unsuccessful IVF treatments. 

Egg donation is also an option for male same-sex couples using a gestational carrier. 

The egg donation process

Egg donation helps many couples with infertility achieve their dreams of having a family. Like other infertility treatments, using donor eggs is a process. First, we conduct a thorough evaluation to make sure your reproductive organs are in good health to carry the embryo. We may do a prep cycle of hormones before the egg donation to make sure we can create the right environment in the uterus for pregnancy. 

For egg donation, you can use an egg from a known or an anonymous donor. In either case, we do a comprehensive screening and health evaluation of the egg donor.

Because we can use frozen eggs for egg donation, we don’t need to synchronize the egg donor’s cycle with the gestational carrier. We fertilize the egg with sperm from the intended parent or use donor sperm. 

We provide hormones to prep the uterus and perform IVF to place the embryo(s). Like other infertility treatments, successful implantation and resulting pregnancy depend on many factors. Our fertility experts offer the most advanced treatment options to increase your chances of success.

Are you considering egg donation to grow your family? We’re ready to help. Call the CARE Fertility office near you, or schedule a consultation online today.