About CARE Fertility

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility located in Bedford and Fort Worth, TX

Unless you’ve gone through fertility struggles, it can be hard to understand how challenging the experience can be. 

Drs. Kevin and Kathleen Doody, the husband-and-wife co-founders of CARE Fertility, and have firsthand experience with infertility, so they can relate to families in Bedford and Fort Worth, Texas, who are struggling to conceive. 

Since 1989, the team at CARE Fertility has shared dedication to serving as pioneers in the field of advanced fertility care. They put substantial time and effort into researching tools and techniques to help patients add to their families. 

The practice also offers effortless IVF ™, a revolutionary treatment designed by the founders.  

Established as the first fertility clinic in North Texas, CARE Fertility has added an impressive list of other firsts as well. 

Among them are developing a local egg donation program; using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI); birth of the first baby through ICSI in North Texas; preimplantation genetic testing locally; routine use of blastocyst cultures in the United States; embryo cryopreservation; and first in the world to establish extended embryo culture with intravaginal culture. 

Innovation never ends, and the team of reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists at CARE Fertility are constantly searching for ways to expand and enhance their services. 

Technical expertise is a given, but these practitioners also mentor the next generation of fertility care professionals and engage in clinical research and publication. 

CARE Fertility limits the number of patients at any given time. This ensures that each patient receives personalized, compassionate, and unrushed care as they navigate their path toward parenthood. The staff gets to know each and every patient and their unique set of challenges. 

Affordability is always part of the conversation in fertility care, and the team at CARE Fertility strives to support patients emotionally and financially. Every effort is made to make treatments as affordable as possible.

Residents in and around Bedford and Fort Worth who are striving to add to their family should schedule a time to come in and meet with the CARE Fertility team. Book a visit online or over the phone in just a matter of moments.