Why We're Different

Established in 1989, CARE Fertility is not only the longest-running fertility clinic in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, it’s also owned by a couple who’ve experienced pregnancy difficulties firsthand.

Drs. Kevin and Kathy Doody, co-founders of CARE Fertility, continue to be passionately involved in pioneering new technologies and approaches in advanced fertility care, like effortless IVF®.

From long-serving staff members who genuinely care about our patients, to efforts to make treatment more affordable, you’ll see our commitment to helping you create a family throughout every aspect of your treatment here.

 A long history of firsts

The doctors and staff of CARE Fertility are committed to being pioneers and innovators in advanced fertility care.

Here are some of the many ‘firsts’ we've accomplished since becoming the first fertility clinic in North Texas:

✓ First local egg donation program

✓ First locally to use ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) for treatment of male factor infertility

✓ First baby born from ICSI in North Texas

✓ First locally to do pre-implantation genetic testing to determine the health of embryos

✓ First in Texas to do blastocyst culture

✓ First in the United States to do blastocyst culture routinely

✓ First to have a successful embryo cryopreservation program

✓ First to successfully have a baby after egg freeze in North Texas

✓ First in the world to successfully implement extended embryo culture with intravaginal culture

 A commitment to innovation

We believe medicine should always be viewed as a lifelong endeavor, and we are constantly educating ourselves.

All these innovations mean patients can rely on our technical expertise — but we’re always working on newer and better ways of helping our patients achieve their dreams of a family.

Offering affordable and accessible IVF options such as effortless IVF®

Participates and publishes clinical research advancing infertility care

Helping to train the future through mentoring medical students and resident physicians

Compassionate care

Our name speaks for itself.

CARE Fertility is centered around giving you all the care you need as you build your family – from medical to emotional to financial. We treat only a small number of patients, so we’re closely involved with your specific issues. We’ll help you cope with any anxiety, and we’ll work to make the treatments as affordable as possible.

CARE Fertility

Doctors with experience and empathy.

Dr. Kevin Doody and Dr. Kathy Doody have been working in the field over 30 years and are still passionate about fertility issues. They care about families, they care about the science, and they especially care about the people they work with. After all, what could be more rewarding than knowing you’ve helped to create a family?

The Doodys are also uniquely suited to lead a fertility clinic. As a husband and wife team, they can certainly understand the dynamics between two partners, and have dealt with their own fertility issues. 

CARE Fertility

Experienced and supportive staff.

Members of our staff share the Doodys’ empathy and compassion, and many have been with us for nearly 20 years. They’ve even kept in touch with patients over the years and share pictures — all the little touches that show their work is much more than a job.

From our lab clinicians, nurses and medical assistants to our front office staff in scheduling and billing, we’re all committed to offering our patients support and encouragement on their journey to parenthood. We can even put you in touch with counselors, psychologists, and other individuals when you can benefit from a broader support network.

CARE Fertility

Encouraging patient involvement.

We actively engage with our patients and make them part of the process. We especially encourage you to ask questions, and want you to know that the only right answer is the one you feel most comfortable with.

Unlike with other medical treatments, you have a much more active role in decision-making with fertility treatment. So while we may be able to explain all the options, only you know what will make you feel happy and at peace. 

CARE Fertility

Making treatment more affordable.

IVF has become more sophisticated, but it has also become more costly. We do everything we can to make it more affordable for our patients.

One example is the effortless IVF® procedure, which uses the revolutionary INVOCELL® device to bypass costly laboratory incubation. The second is our ongoing participation in pharmaceutical and device trials, where the pharmaceutical or device company subsidizes the treatment costs for patients. We are, in fact, a national leader in this effort.