Surgery Center

Experience the convenience of an onsite, fully accredited surgical center.

Experience the convenience of an onsite, fully accredited surgical center.

Trying to become pregnant can be stressful enough without having to schedule different appointments at multiple locations.

CARE Fertility simplifies the process by doing everything — from drawing your blood for your hormone testing, to sonograms, to egg retrievals — all in one place.

And with our in-house surgery center, we can even schedule minor surgeries right along with everything else. This provides the safest and most effective setting for our outpatient procedures.

Take a video tour of our Ambulatory Surgical Center:

State-of-the-art operating rooms

Our ambulatory surgery center (ASC) has two fully-equipped operating rooms.

This allows us to perform many outpatient procedures onsite, including:

  • Egg retrieval

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Laparoscopy

  • Mini-Laparotomy

  • Tubal reconstruction

In addition to providing greater convenience, comfort, and familiarity for our patients, having an in-house surgery center allows us to be involved in every stage of their treatment. 

Fully-accredited facility

The latest technology and the highest standards

Our surgery center is a fully-accredited facility that is constantly upgraded with the latest and most effective equipment, making it comparable to the finest outpatient surgery centers. 

  • Our advanced facility incorporates the latest technological features

  • Our doctors use cutting-edge techniques to perform our surgical procedures

  • We use only certified anesthesiologists

Our standards meet and exceed those expected of outpatient surgical facilities, because we understand that adhering to high standards reduces surgical risks and increases the number of successful treatments.