Prenatal Care

Preparing for pregnancy

Can prenatal vitamins (PNVs) increase my fertility?

PNVs don’t increase your chance of getting pregnant but will make it significantly more likely that you will experience a healthy pregnancy.

Do I have to have a prescription for my prenatal vitamins?

No. Prenatal vitamins may be purchased over the counter and do not require a prescription.

What should I look for in a prenatal vitamin?

Folic acid is a key ingredient that decreases the likelihood of a birth defect in the spine of your baby. 800 mg of folic acid daily is recommended. Women who have previously had a birth defect in the spine of their baby should speak with their OB-GYN about taking extra folic acid. Another important component is DHA. This is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that helps with growth and development. During pregnancy you need DHA to help your baby’s brain and eyes develop. How much is needed? 1000 mg.

What about vitamin D?

Vitamin D is linked to fertility and pregnancy outcomes, so it's important to have your vitamin D level checked. Read more on our blog.

Should I wait until I have a positive pregnancy test to stop smoking?

Use of nicotine through smoking or vaping not only impacts on your baby’s health but also decreases the chance your fertility treatment cycle will be successful. We recommend you stop smoking or vaping. Take a big breath and start by cutting back. We know you can do it!

What kind of diet is best?

A well- balanced diet which includes protein, fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal. Alcohol should be avoided or used in low amounts prior to pregnancy.

Are the medications I’m taking safe in pregnancy?

If you are taking prescription medications or over-the-counter medications recommended by a physician, please schedule a meeting to discuss your plans to get pregnant. Be proactive and ask if the medication you are taking is the safest medication for pregnancy. The physician treating your medical problem is the “expert” for your particular health issue as well as the best medication during pregnancy.

What else can I do?

Aim for getting adequate sleep so that you are well rested. Pay attention to your emotional health - meditate, read a book, get outdoors - whatever helps you continue on your journey to create or expand your family!