Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle With Gestational Carrier Cost

The following information is designed to give an approximation of costs for each service or treatment. CARE Fertility participates with nearly all insurance plans and will bill insurance for services if coverage can be verified. Fees are subject to change at any time.

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Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle with Gestational Carrier →

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle with Gestational Carrier Cost – $4,200

Included services:

Baseline bloodwork and sonograms during the frozen embryo transfer cycle

IVF lab - embryo thaw and embryo transfer

Physician - embryo transfer

First pregnancy test (Repeat pregnancy test and pregnancy monitoring is not included)

FDA screening: gestational carrier and sexually intimate partner if applicable; urine drug screening for gestational carrier

Use of outside clinic for monitoring does not decrease the cycle fee


Medications for a frozen embryo transfer include Estrace (estrogen) and progesterone

Valium (one dose) on day of frozen embryo transfer


If you decide not to proceed with your frozen embryo transfer cycle, you will be charged a $300 cancellation fee

There is not a refund for no embryo transfer

These services are provided as a bundled package. We do not provide insurance codes for individual services.