Fresh Egg Donation Cost

The following information is designed to give an approximation of costs for each service or treatment. CARE Fertility participates with nearly all insurance plans and will bill insurance for services if coverage can be verified. Fees are subject to change at any time.

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Fresh Egg Donation Cost

CARE Fertility uses Donor Concierge for couples / individuals to aid in locating an egg donor. Donor Concierge can facilitate evaluation or potential donor(s) by ordering the AMH level, consultation with a psychologist, genetic carrier screening and nicotine screening. Donor Concierge will communicate with CARE Fertility staff regarding test results and past donor records (if applicable) to make the process easier for you.

Pre-cycle evaluation of intended parent(s):

  1. Consultation with psychologist (required) - Billed by psychologist
  2. Semen testing – DNA fragmentation test which includes a semen analysis – $200
  3. Uterine evaluation – (Please note price listed is for cash pay. Many patients have diagnostic testing coverage which may offer partial or full coverage. If so, we will inform you of co-pay or co-insurance)
    1. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) – $525
    2. Diagnostic hysteroscopy in the office – $600
    3. Hysteroscopy in OR with anesthesia (chosen if IP desires anesthesia or if abnormality present for ex. endometrial polyp) – $1,950

Pre-cycle evaluation of donor:

Please note, payment for service is due prior to scheduling the test and / or visit. The pre-cycle testing for evaluation of the donor is non-refundable once the service has been performed.

  1. Medical intake history/physical exam / antral follicle count – $350
  2. FDA bloodwork (screening) – $400
  3. Additional charges for AMH, genetic carrier screening, nicotine screening – if not facilitated through Donor Concierge.

Cycle fee for stimulation cycle of egg donor and first frozen embryo transfer for the intended parent(s) – $13,500

This is a global fee which is prepaid prior to the preparation of a calendar for the donor’s IVF cycle. If the cycle is cancelled for any reason after the donor begins the treatment cycle, time-of-service fees for services will be deducted from any refund due. This does not include the frozen embryo transfer process for gestational carrier/surrogate.

Included services:

Sonograms and hormonal testing during donor stimulation, anesthesia for donor, oocyte retrieval, oocyte identification from follicular fluid, IVF culture and fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection if needed, cryopreservation of embryos, first six months of embryo storage. Sperm freeze (back-up) prior to the IVF cycle including 6 months of storage is included.

Sonograms and hormonal testing for first frozen embryo transfer for IP, first pregnancy test

Services not included:

Oocyte (egg) cryopreservation.

Medications for the cycle for either the donor or the IP. Medications for the donor’s cycle are purchased by the IP.

After-hours phone calls for prescription refills. Please keep in mind when ordering and / or refilling prescriptions: we need up to 72 business hours to complete refills for insurance authorization and 24 hours for non-insurance approved prescriptions.

Services related to (a) complications of treatment for donor (b) donor compensation (c) repeat pregnancy test and pregnancy sonograms for IP (d) pregnancy complications for IP.

Outside monitoring and / or testing for either the donor or IP. Sonograms and/or hormonal testing done at an outside facility is not billable to CARE Fertility nor will the charges be deducted from the global fee.

This does not include the frozen embryo transfer process for gestational carrier/surrogate.