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Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation Dallas, Texas


One of the most common ways to preserve fertility is through the cryogenic freezing and storage of semen or embryos. Fertility preservation at our Fort Worth, Dallas area reproductive center is ideal for patients who must undergo cancer therapy, want to become pregnant later in life, or for some other reason want to preserve the health of viable eggs and sperm.

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Fertility preservation comes into play in couple of circumstances. Often times, unfortunately young women can get cancer, Hodgkin disease, breast cancer, and in this situation their treatment of their cancer can be quite successful; however, the chemotherapy or radiotherapy often times can lead to premature decline in ovarian function or even premature menopause. In this situation, we are able to before the chemotherapy is given to extract eggs from the ovary so that they can be fertilized and frozen or in the case of single woman, it is possible with current technology actually to be able to freeze unfertilized eggs so that these can be used at a later date even years down the line. Fertility preservation might also be considered for women in their early 30s that do not desire childbearing at this point in their life but do want to preserve the option, as they get older.

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