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Seeking Treatment

Fertility Treatment Dallas, Texas


There are many reasons that men and women should seek the guidance of an infertility specialist. Fertility treatment at our North Dallas practice can help couples, in all walks of life, achieve their desire to expand their families.

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A general rule is if the couple has been trying for over a year, they should consider seeking infertility treatment; however, there are some exceptions. If a woman is over the age of 35, definitely over the age of 40 and has been trying for at least six months without success, then we do recommend that they seek treatment and evaluation earlier. Also, if a man has had a history of any type of genital surgeries or has had a vasectomy or any issues where he has been exposed to chemotherapy or radiation, we do advice a basic treatment earlier as well as for the woman if she has irregular cycles, has very short cycles, or has no cycles at all, then it is not worthwhile waiting a full year for evaluation, they should probably seek evaluation earlier.

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