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Dr. Kathy Doody

Fertility Specialist Dallas, Texas


Dr. Kathy Doody is a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at the Center for Assisted Reproduction. The fertility specialist in Dallas, Texas is continually honored for her medical professionalism, technical knowledge of her field, skills, and the contributions she makes to her community by playing an active role in its growth.

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My name is Kathy Doody. Kevin and I started this Center for Assisted Reproduction. We are very excited to be the first reproductive endocrinologist in Tarrant County to offer comprehensive infertility care to our patients. As our practice has grown over the years, we felt it was important to add a second location in North Dallas in the Frisco area to offer more patients access to care. Both of us really enjoy and love what we do. I have often said that we are really in a practice of doing as helping the patients build families, helping the patients create a family because that is a very important part of life. Not only are we dedicated to infertility care, but we feel it is very important to give back to our community and both of us take an active role in that part.

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