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A Center that is Patient-centered

Fertility Treatment Center Dallas, Texas


The team at our fertility treatment center, located in Dallas, Texas, provides each patient with individualized care and attention. Every treatment that we offer is tailored to each patient's needs, desires, and medical history. By treating patients as part of our extended family, we are able make their experience a positive, memorable one.

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At the Center for Assisted Reproduction, there are three physicians and we all have kind of a same approach. We all tend to be very involved in our patient care. We tend to have the same approach to our patients in that every patient is different. Everybody comes to us for a different problem, so we tend to individualize our treatment protocols, and I think that that is very important when it comes to a couple who is seeking infertility treatments because everybody comes for different reasons with different diagnoses and not every treatment plan is going to result in the same effect, so I think we try to individualize and personalize our care.

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