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Tubal Reversal

Tubal Reversal

Blue-eyed baby in knit capFertilization, the process in which the sperm joins the egg, takes place in the fallopian tube. The fallopian tube connects the ovary (where the egg is released) to the uterus (womb). Millions of women in the United States tie their fallopian tubes as a form of contraception after completing their family.  However, situations in life can arise leading one to regret this decision. It is not uncommon for couples to change their mind simply because the husband or wife desires another child, perhaps sadly something has happened to a child in the family or maybe even the marriage has dissolved and a new relationship is present. If you previously had tubal ligation performed and now desire a pregnancy, CARE Fertility can help. One option available is a tubal ligation reversal.  Find out if you are a candidate.

Understanding Tubal Reversal

Dr. Kathy discusses tubal ligation reversal and how it can help women who have changed their minds about starting or growing a family.

Our Clinic 

Tubal ligation reversal is an outpatient surgical procedure we commonly perform in our state-of-the-art Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Our doctors have performed hundreds of successful tubal ligation reversals for our patients living both locally and around the country. This is important because the outcome of your procedure depends in large part on the proficiency of the surgeon involved. See the ASC and find out more about our clinic and staff.  


With today’s advanced surgical techniques and the skill of our experienced surgeons, tubal ligation reversal may be performed as a day surgery procedure with a single small 2 to 3-inch incision and short postoperative recovery period. Since it is performed through such a small incision, our patient is permitted to return to normal activity very quickly. Typically, our patients are back at work within 7 to 10 days and can attempt pregnancy with their following menstrual cycle.

Tubal ligation reversal offers an excellent opportunity for couples to expand or start a family. The tubal reversal procedure offers a less costly alternative to in vitro fertilization. In addition, it allows couples the opportunity to conceive in a natural way – without the requirement for fertility drug use and additional worry of a multiple pregnancy. In contrast to the numerous monthly attempts of conception following tubal ligation reversal, conception with in vitro fertilization is limited to the month of that procedure (or subsequent frozen embryo transfer treatment cycles, if frozen embryos are available). Learn more about the procedure, what to expect and costs. 

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