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Intrauterine insemination or IUI is a very common treatment for a variety of causes of infertility.  Following ejaculation, the first “barrier” the sperm encounters is the cervix.  The role of the cervix is to keep the fluid and debris in the semen out of the female genital tract.  The cervical mucus acts as a reservoir to store sperm and also allows the passage of sperm into the womb and fallopian tubes.  It is estimated that even in the fertile population just a few sperm out of every million sperm make the journey into the fallopian tubes.  

Preparation of Sperm

Intrauterine insemination or IUI involves “washing” the sperm.  This is accomplished by placing the specimen in a labeled test tube which contains sperm washing media.   After going through a series of steps for preparation, a highly motile sample of sperm is extracted.  At CARE, we perform a complete semen analysis before and after the sperm processing.  


Illustration of IUIThe insemination process itself is simple.  A small flexible tube is placed through the cervix depositing the processed semen sample into the womb.  Most women report no pain or just minimal cramping.  It is important that the IUI is “timed” well.  At CARE we offer monitoring and IUIs seven days a week.  A combination of ultrasound and both urine and blood sample ovulation testing is done to provide our patients with the highest chances for success with this simple procedure.  Most pregnancies that occur do so in the first few cycles of insemination.  For many couples IUI offers them the chance for pregnancy with a simple procedure before consideration is directed towards more aggressive measures like IVF.

At CARE our goal is to provide our patients with a variety of options coupled with seven day a week service.  The ability to offer IUIs every day of the week clearly increases our patients’ chances for success in their goal to build a family.

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