Donor Sperm

Fertility Treatments Dallas

Sperm donation involves the use of sperm that has been anonymously donated through a commercial sperm bank.  The sperm has been previously frozen and quarantined for at least six months for testing to rule out the presence of infectious diseases.  The sperm is selected through a commercial bank and then shipped and stored at CARE to use in conjunction with fertility treatment.

Who is a candidate for use of donor sperm?

Donor sperm may be utilized for couples when the male partner has severe sperm abnormalities or lacks sperm production (azoospermia).  Donor sperm is often used for treating single women who desire pregnancy but do not have a male partner.  

What types of treatment utilize donor sperm?

Donor sperm may be used in several types of infertility treatment.   Therapeutic donor insemination (DI or TDI) involves placing a prepared donor sperm specimen past the cervix into the uterine cavity using a soft catheter.  This enables a high concentration of sperm to reach the fallopian tubes where fertilization occurs.   Insemination is timed based on either the women’s natural menstrual cycle at the time of ovulation or may also be used in conjunction with fertility medications at the time of ovulation.  The process is simple, quick, and usually comfortable for the patient.  In addition, donor sperm may be used for treatments such as in vitro fertilization if this is recommended by your physician.