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What is mind/body medicine?  

Mind/body techniques harness the power of the mind to impact behavior and physiology in a way that promotes health. 

Why is mind/body medicine important for women trying to conceive? 

We know that stress negatively impacts every organ system of the body.  We also know that infertile women are highly distressed.  One study found that women undergoing infertility treatment rated their emotional distress as high as women diagnosed with cancer, HIV+, and cardiac disease!  And the longer the duration of treatment, the more anxious, depressed, and stressed out women become.

The Mind/Body Program at CARE is an opportunity for patients to learn techniques and coping skills to reduce feelings of depression, hopelessness, and anxiety, and to receive support from other women struggling with the same issues.  Almost every infertility patient I have seen talks about feeling misunderstood by family and friends.  Isolation and lack of social support exacerbate feelings of depression and anxiety and the end result is more stress.  Infertility makes a woman feel helpless and out of control.  Women feel let down by their own bodies.  The Mind/Body Program will teach you how to take a proactive role in your infertility treatment.  The physicians will continue to treat the medical cause of your infertility problem, while you take control of fertility-enhancing and stress reducing techniques that will enable you to improve your chances of conception.  Remaining calm and focused on creating the healthiest environment for your baby to grow is your part.  That way, the treatment cycle will have the best possible chance of being successful.  

The mind/body program at CARE is led by our Psychologist, Dr. Patricia McBride-Houtz.  The program is designed to help you take back control of your life and to learn the skills you need to reduce stress and manage the complex emotions that accompany infertility.   

The Mind/Body program will help you learn:

  • How to turn off the stress response
  • How to change negative self-talk
  • How to identify fertility-enhancing behaviors
  • How to activate the relaxation response

Program includes: 

  • Initial Assessment Visit10 Group Sessions
  • Access to phone consultations
  • Fertility Yoga CD by Jolyon Cowan
  • Guided Relaxation CD – Dr. Alice Domar
  • Cycle specific mind/body CD’s Circle Bloom

Cost - $ 400 for Mind/Body Program (out of pocket)

For additional information and to enroll, please call 817-540-1157 or email Courtney Morales

ASRM, American Society of Reproductive Medicine

ACOG, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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