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Diagnostic fertility testing equipmentCARE Fertility has digital ultrasound machines in our facility which enable all images to be instantly archived electronically to the medical record. These state of the art sonogram machines (GE Voluson 730) have many capabilities, including advanced digital imaging technology. Our medical staff can now acquire and construct volumetric images in real time - up to 40 volumes per second. The sono machine allows exploration of images in any plane to reveal the smallest details with stunning clarity and apply sophisticated analytical tools to answer virtually any of your clinical questions. Now 3D/4D capabilities are improved, and 2D images are enhanced for greater diagnostic confidence. Utilizing this technology ensures our patients are getting the best analysis available. This is important because sonograms are used in so many aspects of a patient's diagnosis as well as treatment.

A transvaginal pelvic sonogram is one of the most important tests for the initial evaluation of the infertile patient. This can help us detect many different potential anatomical problems.

Sonograms are also used to track the progress of patient cycles by watching follicle maturation and early detection of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This can help us evaluate the effectiveness of the fertility drugs. .

Finally, a sonogram is used in the IVF egg retrieval process so that a guided needle can be used to aspirate mature follicles. Transfer of embryos back to the uterus is also done with ultrasound guidance. If the IVF cycle is successful, a sonogram is used to ensure that the embryo has attached to the uterus in the proper location and is developing normally.

CARE Fertility's 6 sonogram machines are on site at both clinic locations. This makes the testing process more convenient to the patient. It also allows our physicians to quickly make critical determinations about a patient's fertility treatment cycle.

Contact CARE Fertility for more information regarding sonograms and other infertility tests if you live in or around Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

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