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Computer Assisted Semen Analysis - CASA

Fertility testing equipment50% of infertile couples are affected by male factor infertility. The key to predicting male factor infertility is to obtain an accurate estimate of the number and percentage of sperm that are properly functioning. Progressive, rapid linear sperm movement is currently the best predictor of sperm function.

CARE Fertility uses a cutting edge computer system to help with these measurements. Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) enables us to get a more accurate analysis by limiting the number of variables that exist with the manual analysis more commonly used by commercial laboratories.

CASA is used to study recorded video images of sperm through a powerful microscope. The images are digitalized and analyzed by a high-speed computer system (up to 60 frames per second) so that motility of individual sperm (and sperm populations) can be analyzed. Most commercial laboratories still use the visual, subjective estimation of motility. That method is less reproducible and allows for more error than the highly advanced CASA system.

The CASA system is so precise that it enables our Andrologists to study other characteristics of sperm motion, such as path velocity, linearity, and amplitude of lateral head displacement.

The CASA diagnostic test is an important first step in appropriately treating male factor infertility. The CASA system affords us with the most accurate and reliable laboratory results available. It is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools for male infertility today.

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