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Doctor pointing to monitorA hysterosalpingogram is the most common study used to evaluate the female pelvis for any anatomic abnormalities. This involves the injection of a dye through the cervix under x-ray (fluoroscopic monitoring). This test shows not only uterine abnormalities, but also blockages to the fallopian tubes. If a blockage is found, an advanced procedure (selective salpingography) may be used to find and sometimes open the blocked area. A hysterosalpingogram can also be used to evaluate the size and shape of the uterus and detect such conditions as a bicornuate or septated uterus, both of which can cause recurrent miscarriage.

CARE Fertility uses the most advanced equipment available for HSGs (OEC 9800 C-arm). It is the same equipment used in modern coronary angiography. Images are captured and archived digitally rather than on film. Digital enhancement capabilities (subtraction and CINE modes) allow for more accurate and complete analysis than conventional film technology while at the same time decreasing radiation dosage and exposure. These images can be analyzed frame-by-frame so that even the slightest abnormalities are detected. HSGs in many facilities are still documented with "spot films" which are interpreted later by a physician. Studies such as these have a high incidence of false results because there is no documentation for the time frame between each film.

An HSG can be an uncomfortable test for many women. CARE Fertility is sensitive to the needs of our patients and has taken great strides to ensure our testing is more comfortable for our patients. Many fertility clinics are not equipped to do x-rays in house. For these clinics, HSGs are performed off-site by a radiologist who is not familiar with the patient or her medical history. The patient is often offered no anesthesia or analgesia. Test results have to be read by the radiologist before they are sent back to the OBGYN to review.

CARE Fertility does HSGs onsite in a familiar environment to our patients. Our physicians perform the HSGs themselves. This enables them to utilize a local paracervical block to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the test.

Eliminating the need for a radiologist allows our Center to obtain results more quickly and by a physician who is already familiar with our patient's medical history. It also alleviates the expense of having to pay a separate facility fee and a radiologist fee.

Contact CARE Fertility for more information regarding hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and other infertility tests if you live in or around Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

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