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Estimated Cost for infertility Treatment

Fee Schedules

The following information is designed to give an approximation of the cost of infertility treatment cycles offered by the Center for Assisted Reproduction (CARE Fertility). There is no way to give an exact cost before a patient is evaluated by one of our physicians because no specific treatment plan has been prescribed. CARE Fertility participates with nearly all insurance plans and will bill insurance if coverage can be verified. Discounted pricing is available for prepayments of treatment cycles. In this case insurance will not be billed by the Center.

Estimated Cost for Fertility Treatment Cycles

Timed IUI global discount

$900 (including sonograms and lab work / covers the patient up to the first pregnancy test)

Clomid IUI global discount

$950 (including sonograms and lab work / medication not included / covers the patient up to the first pregnancy test)

FSH Intrauterine Insemination

1 cycle - $1,815 (With Prepayment Discount)

(This includes the cost of semen analysis, sperm prep, and insemination. Also included are all sonograms and hormonal tests required for monitoring). Prescribed medication (FSH injections) are not included.

In Vitro Fertilization

1 cycle - $8,500 (With Prepayment Discount) Included Services: Management services, sonograms, hormone testing, anesthesia, oocyte retrieval, oocyte identification from follicular fluid, IVF culture & fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preparation of embryo transfer, facility fees, cryopreservation of embryos or oocytes, and first pregnancy test. Also included in this fee is cryopreservation of semen for an IVF specimen. Medication not included (Pricing adjustments will be made for patients who receive cycle monitoring at one of our designated CARE Partner Programs.)

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Prepayment discount - $2,545

Donor Frozen Embryo Transfer- Prepayment Discount

Donor embryo screening - $1,000

Frozen embryo transfer - $2,545

(Administrative fee is not included in above fees.)

Egg Donation-Prepayment Discount

Cycle cost is approximately $24,000.

For detailed information regarding egg donation financial information,

contact Tammy Buck or 817-540-1157 ext 3502.

Tubal Reversal

Surgeon's fee - $3,000

Anesthesia Charge - $800

Facility Fees - $2,400

Total fees - $6,200

(Price does not include the cost of initial consultation, semen analysis, or infectious disease screening.)

Note: These fees are estimated figures and are subject to change at any time. The fees are not fixed and can only be used as an approximate measurement.

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