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Center for Assisted Reproduction

CARE IVF Refund Program

Center for Assisted Reproduction

CARE IVF Refund Program is offered to patients that prefer a financial program that provides the possibility of receiving money back for an unsuccessful cycle or cycles. Patients that meet the medical qualifications may go through up to 6 fresh or frozen IVF cycles, although each cycle must qualify and cycle type is determined by Medical Director.

Patients that meet the medical qualification will be placed in one of the two tiers below and are guaranteed a live birth or full refund for Tier I and 70% refund for Tier II.

Tier I $22,500 Live birth or full refund
Tier II $30,000 Live birth or 70% refund

Services not included in the IVF Refund Program are:

  • Initial consultation
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Prescreening testing
  • Surgical treatment to correct an underlying condition
  • Medications
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • IVF using an oocyte donor and/or gestational carrier
  • Annual storage fees for embryos and/or sperm
  • Procedures to extract sperm from testicle (and similar procedures)
  • Services related to the complication of treatment (e.g. pregnancy complication, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) surgical procedures unrelated to treatment cycles
  • Obstetrical treatment (e.g. obstetrical ultrasounds and blood work)

The medical qualification approval for the program is at the sole and subjective discretion of the Center for Assisted Reproduction, PA Medical Review Team. The estimation of prognosis reflects the best estimate of the "per cycle" probability of a successful pregnancy, and is not to be regarded as a prediction of success with multiple treatment cycles. There is no guarantee more than one treatment cycle will qualify, and each cycle is subject to medical review and approval by the Medical Director.

CARE IVF Refund Program is for patients without insurance coverage. If you believe you have coverage for any services in the treatment cycle, check with your insurance carrier prior to participating in the program.

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