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Many people considering ART will want to use published statistics to find the "best" clinic. However, comparisons between clinics must be made with caution. Many factors contribute to the success of an ART procedure. Some factors are related to the training and experience of the ART clinic and laboratory professionals and the quality of services they provide. Other factors are related to the patients themselves, such as their age and the cause of their infertility. Some clinics may be more willing than others to accept patients with low chances of success or may specialize in various ART treatments that attract particular types of patients. Additionally, IVF performed as part of a clinical trial for evaluation of an investigational new drug may in some instances affect success.

Our Commitment

Hands clasping wrists and forming a ringAt CARE Fertility, we feel ethically compelled to treat patients with poor and very poor prognosis if the patient is well counseled and that is her wish. We feel that clinics should not reject patients with low chances for pregnancy for the purpose of increasing the pregnancy statistics. Additionally, we are active participants in pharmaceutical sponsored trials of investigational new drugs for IVF despite the risk that the new drug or the requirement for adherence to the drug protocol might cause a lower chance of success. We do this, because participating in these trials can allow patients to have treatment that they otherwise may not be able to afford. Finally, we are proactive in limiting the numbers of embryos transferred as multiple pregnancies (especially triplets) is well recognized to carry significant risks.

Transfer of fewer embryos may lead to a lower chance of pregnancy in the initial cycle, however, in addition to lowering the risk of triplets, this strategy allows for more embryos to potentially be cryopreserved (frozen) and transferred subsequently. At CARE Fertility, we pride ourselves in the high number of pregnancies achieved with cryopreservation.

Do Your Research

Baby using a laptopBe aware that some clinics report only crude pregnancy rates that do not reflect the risk of miscarriage. Some pregnancies stop progressing prior to the time that a clinical pregnancy can be documented. Clinical pregnancies, unfortunately, also can end in miscarriage. Live birth rates per cycle initiated (including subsequent pregnancies following cryopreservation) would perhaps be the best statistic if it were not for the fact that the data is relatively old by the time live births from cycles initiated a year ago is available. Because the performance of a lab / clinic can vary over time we will report here a "rolling" pregnancy rate for the last year and the last six months using ongoing or delivered pregnancies. It is important to recognize that although the miscarriage rate for an ongoing pregnancy will be lower than for "total" or "clinical" pregnancies, some miscarriages (and perhaps stillbirths) can occur. Our statistics combine all of our cycles regardless of age, source of eggs, or whether the treatment was funded as part of a pharmaceutical trial. These statistics will not necessarily reflect your chance of pregnancy. Your physician can best estimate your chances after reviewing the details of your case. These statistics are provided to serve as a rough guide as to the function of our clinic and laboratory.


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