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Financing Treatment

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Financing Fertility Treatment at CARE Fertility We have several options available for you! Please feel free to contact one of our helpful billing consultants to go over all your options.
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On-Site Hormonal Testing

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CARE Fertility does all hormonal testing on site using the Immulite system. This modern instrument in our own laboratory enables us to obtain results more quickly. CARE Fertility does the following hormonal tests on site: Estradiol, FSH, HCG, Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Progesterone, & Testosteron
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Fertility Preservation

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Our goal at the Center for Assisted Reproduction (CARE Fertility) is to provide comprehensive medical care for the treatment of infertile couples. Treating infertility is an important focus. However, taking steps to preserve fertility for patients is just as imperative to the physicians at CARE Fertility. With advanced cancer therapies available, many patients are successfully treated, and live a normal life span. However, the fact still remains that some cancer therapies may greatly decrease or eliminate a patients chance of having children after surviving cancer. The Center for Assisted Reproduction has several options available to provide the opportunity of parenthood for patients after they undergo chemotherapy, radiation, and/or other treatments that could permanently devastate their ability to reproduce.
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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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In Vitro Fertilization - IVF is often the assisted reproductive technology of choice for women who have blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or difficulty with ovulation for any reason. This method often benefits couples when the man has a low sperm count, or has issues with the quality of sperm. After careful evaluation, your reproductive endocrinologist will advise you on whether youre a candidate for the procedure.
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Coping with Infertility Anyone who has experienced infertility knows that it is a difficult, challenging, and stressful time. Participating in counseling can provide a supportive environment for people to clarify their emotions and generate well-thought-out decisions in regards to their choices for creating a family. Patricia McBride-Houtz, Ph.D. has devoted her clinical practice to helping people cope with the many challenges of infertility. She is dedicated to giving patients the support they deserve during this exciting, yet challenging time.
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In the News - Male Factor Infertility

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CW33 News asked CARE Fertility to feature a story on Male Factor Infertility. Check out the interview with Dr. Kevin Doody and a wonderful family online at http://www.the33tv.com - Health Key - Hope for Fatherhood: Surgical Technique Mines for Hidden Sperm.
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Infertility Treatment

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Patients have many questions when determining if infertility treatment is right for them. Following are some common Q & As:
When should I seek fertility treatment?
Infertility is when a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy after 1 year of unprotected intercourse (6 months if the woman is age 35 or over) or the unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. If you meet the above description or already know of a condition that will prevent you from conceiving, it may be time to seek treatment from a specialist.
Do I need a referral to receive treatment?
You do not need a referral unless it is required by your insurance in order to see a specialist. Otherwise, you may simply complete our online patient paperwork and fax or email it to us or call us 866-570-BABY. We will schedule your initial consultation.
Will I be required to have lengthy, expensive treatment by going to a fertility center?
Treatment varies with each patient (depending on the cause of i

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