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“Don’t ever give up” — Kim & Jen’s inspiring reciprocal IVF journey

By CARE Fertility on June 15, 2021

In celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we’re sharing the stories of same-sex couples who are successfully building their families with assisted reproductive technology. Happy Pride!

Kim and Jen Cote just welcomed their second IVF baby into the world, one each with their own egg and the same donor sperm, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! 

Here’s the story of how Cooper and Bennett came into the world, in Jen’s words:

Kim and I met 24 years ago in high school while playing competitive softball (big surprise I know, no laughing)! We dated at the time, but when it came time to go to college, we went our separate ways. We reunited 14 years ago and have been madly in love ever since.

Once we decided to have children together, we wanted to get married to have a foundation for our family. We married in Hawaii and it was everything and wonderful. When we came back from Hawaii, we began our journey to officially starting our family.

We wanted the best of the best, so after months of researching we chose CARE Fertility. Between the amazing reviews, the time they’d been in business, and meeting with Dr. Kathy Doody, we just knew she was our doctor.

Obviously being two women, we had to go the fertility route to have children — but we never thought we’d be in the same boat as many couples who try to have babies and actually have fertility issues. 

Because CARE Fertility has every option for fertility and so many innovative approaches, we were successful on our journey to get pregnant.

Prior to beginning IVF treatment, I was scared. It all seemed like it would be so unnatural! The whole process seemed very invasive and uncomfortable. But now looking back, nothing felt unnatural or scary. If anything, the doctors and nurses of CARE Fertility made every aspect of it feel so comfortable, normal and seamless. 

Of course, the journey can still be difficult. Support can come in many different ways and you may need different things at different stages. 

With our first baby, we told everyone, which was great and hard at the same time. With our second baby, we told no one. So it just depends on where you are at the time.

Going through this process to build our family has definitely made us into stronger and more patient people, and I wouldn’t change a thing about our journey. 

Bringing a human being into the world is worth all the trials and tribulations it takes. Now we are a family, and all the time, money, and emotional ups and down it took were worth it!

To other same-sex couples who want a family, my advice is this: 

Don’t ever give up — because just when you start feeling defeated is when it could happen. 

Having a family only makes your life more wonderful and rich. It just solidifies that no matter what challenges arrive, you can make your American dream your own. It’s worth the effort!

And if you’re deciding who you want to help you build your family, know that you will be supported at CARE Fertility. 

They have their name for a reason — from the front desk, to the exceptional nurses and doctors, they all care

They all want to help you achieve your ultimate goal of having a baby, a family, no matter your gender or sexuality. CARE Fertility is truly one of a kind and we are forever grateful for them.


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Photo credit: Patsy Lynne Photography

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