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5 reasons for infertility patients to be optimistic about the future

By CARE Fertility on January 26, 2021

If there's one thing all of us need at this moment, it's a reason to hope. To face the future with optimism.

The past year has brought a relentless and historic cascade of crises. In particular, the pandemic created a public health emergency that impacted the ability of many to receive routine medical care, including infertility patients desperate to build their families.

At CARE Fertility, we believe that bringing a child into the world is a boldly optimistic and hopeful act. It says, "No matter how uncertain things are right now, I believe a better world is coming.”

Though we have seen troubling times, our enduring desire to build our families is not just an inspiring statement of hope for a better future, but a reason to build it.

If you're struggling to build your family and need a little extra help feeling optimistic about the future, consider the following:

1. In record time, we have a vaccine. Once it can be fully rolled out, the vaccine will gradually end the pandemic and loosen the restrictions it created.

Though it may be some time before our day-to-day will resemble “normal life,” it will become easier to get medical treatment. This includes treatment for infertility.

Though CARE Fertility has remained open, at various points certain treatments have not been readily available due to the complexities of scheduling an appropriate yet safe number of staff. Partners and companions have also not been permitted inside for appointments.

The vaccine means we can all begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. And on that note, we’ve made incredible strides in science and medicine — not just with the warp speed of the vaccine, but also with assisted reproductive technology.

The INVOcell device, for instance, was only FDA approved in 2016. Since then, it has allowed countless couples to receive IVF treatment at half the cost of traditional IVF with similar success rates.

More innovations in fertility treatment are underway, and CARE Fertility is proud to be at the forefront of these technologies by participating in studies and leading advisory boards for national medical associations like SART and ASRM.

3. Constraints breed creativity! Many pandemic-related restrictions are actually enabling greater access to care.

At CARE Fertility, all new patient consultations now take place via telehealth, over Zoom or a phone call. This makes it even easier to take that first step towards the family of your dreams, because no in-person appointment is needed simply to meet your doctor and learn more about your options.

4. We have more control over our reproductive health than ever before, thanks to advances in fertility preservation.

That includes those diagnosed with cancer and preparing to undergo potentially fertility-damaging chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Close collaboration between oncologists and fertility doctors ensures that these patients not only survive their illness but can live out their future dreams.

5. Nonprofit organizations like RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, are advocating on behalf of infertility patients and lobbying for greater access to fertility care.

As a result, more insurance companies are beginning to cover fertility treatment, whether due to new legislation or employers voluntarily opting in.

Through free support groups and other resources, RESOLVE is also making it easier for patients to connect with each other and find much-needed emotional support. This sense of community is critical, because despite the best intentions of family and friends, they may not be able to truly relate like those who’ve been in similar shoes.

Bringing new life into the world despite the hurdles of infertility is no easy feat. To do so during a pandemic requires even more courage and determination.

At CARE Fertility, we always believe the best is yet to come; you might even call it a requirement of the job!

All of our doctors and staff are honored to play a role in this journey, and to help our patients create the future.

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