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Single vs. Multiple Embryo Transfer

By CARE Fertility on September 28, 2018

An egg dividing into an embryoWe offer many different kinds of fertility treatments at our clinics in the Fort Worth, TX area. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most popular treatment for male, female, mixed, and unknown infertility, comprising an estimated 99 percent of all fertility treatments in the United States annually. There are different ways that IVF can be performed to meet the needs of patients, which includes the transfer of a single or multiple embryos.

We are sometimes asked if it’s better to go for single-embryo transfer or multiple-embryo transfer. Dr. Kathleen Doody, Dr. Kevin Doody, and the entire team at the Center for Assisted Reproduction would like you to consider the benefits of each approach to IVF and how we can determine which is right for you.

About Single Embryo Transfer

During single embryo transfer, just one embryo will be transferred to the womb following fertilization in the lab. This means that there is technically just one chance of success each IVF cycle.

The Benefits of Single Embryo Transfer

With single embryo transfers, the health and safety of mother and baby are put first because we are not risking twins or triplets. The overall chance of a successful pregnancy is not decreased by single embryo transfer. It just may take more transfers. It's a simple numbers game. The major cost of IVF is associated with the initial egg harvest. The cost of a frozen embryo transfer is far less costly. At CARE Fertility, our top concern is always to do what is safest for our patients and their babies. Therefore, we typically recommend single embryo transfers.

The Risks of Single Embryo Transfer

IVF cycle failure is the biggest risks of single embryo transfer. With just one embryo, your chances of success may be lower than compared to a multiple embryo transfer. Multiple cycles of IVF may be required for pregnancy and live birth, which can be costly as well as time-consuming.

About Multiple Embryo Transfer

A multiple embryo transfer means that two or more embryos are transferred during an IVF cycle. This helps improve the chances of a successful pregnancy and live birth.

The Benefits of Multiple Embryo Transfer

With a multiple embryo transfer, you're more likely to get just that - multiples. As a numbers game, more embryos means a higher rate of success on average than just a single embryo. There may be no need for multiple IVF cycles at all in order to become a parent.

The Risks of Multiple Embryo Transfer

As you may have guessed, multiple births (twins/triplets) are the biggest risk of a multiple embryo transfer. The risk of birth complications increases with multiple births, which includes low birth weight and premature birth. Noting another above point, the financial burden of raising twins or triplets must also be considered with regard to risks.

Determining the Right Option for You

Undergoing IVF and having a family are major decisions, which is why it’s so important that you discuss these matters with our team. We can go over the risks and benefits of the IVF process, consider your medical and financial situation, and help determine the ideal option for you.

Our goal is to give you enough information to make confident decisions about your fertility treatment options.

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For more information about IVF and how it can help you, be sure to contact the Center for Assisted Reproduction. Our team is here to help you make the ideal choices regarding infertility treatment options. Our office in Bedford can be reached by phone at (817) 540-1157, and our office in Fort Worth can be reached at (817) 924-1572.

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