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Dr. Kevin Doody Was Featured in The Atlantic

By CARE Fertility on July 27, 2017

An egg and sperm combined in a petri dishFort Worth, TX - The Center for Assisted Reproduction is pleased to announce that Dr. Kevin Doody was interviewed for a feature in The Atlantic on INVOcell, a new innovation for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and assisted reproductive technology (ART). Dr. Doody was one of several fertility specialists in the piece that offered their insights into INVOcell, including practical concerns for patients and broader issues involving medical ethics and access. Dr. Doody has led studies on INVOcell and trained other doctors on how it's used.

Dr. Doody's input in the article is a testament to his standing in the field of fertility treatment. It also emphasizes his interest in patient education and the ongoing dialogue about innovations that help people overcome infertility to start families of their own.

The Feature on INVOcell and How It Works

The feature for The Atlantic was written by Sarah Elizabeth Richard and titled "Growing Cheaper Embryos for IVF Inside the Vagina".

During traditional IVF, eggs are fertilized and allowed to incubate entirely in a lab setting so they develop into viable embryos. With INVOcell, the eggs are fertilized in a lab but then place in a simple device to incubate inside of a woman's vagina. Richard likened this device to "a tiny acrylic saltshaker", and Dr. Doody compared the INVOcell device to "having a tampon in the vagina".

After incubation in the woman's vagina, a fertility specialist can remove the embryos and proceed with traditional embryo transfer. INVOcell received FDA approval in 2015, and it has been available in Europe since 2008.

The Implications of INVOcell

INVOcell has a number of financial, practical, and ethical implications. For one, IVF with INVOcell is less expensive than traditional IVF. Dr. Doody noted that affordability could mean greater access to IVF for people who may not have been able to afford the traditional version of the procedure. Dr. Doody also explained that INVOcell means fewer office visits, less fertility medication, and more efficient fertility procedures.

Other medical professionals and patients weighed in on the various aspects of INVOcell. This includes a discussion about the cost of infertility treatments.

Other Articles Featuring Dr. Doody's Fertility Treatment Expertise

The Atlantic feature is not the first time Dr. Doody has appeared in the media discussing fertility treatments. He was also interviewed for a recent piece about vitamins and supplements at Very Well, a health and wellness resource with articles written and fact-checked by medical professionals. Dr. Doody has also been interviewed in pieces for The New York Times, The Economist, and other major news outlets.

Links to other articles featuring Dr. Doody's insights can be found below:

Patient Education and General Fertility Treatment Knowledge

Dr. Doody's standing in the medical community is built on his commitment to his patients and his belief in empowering them with knowledge. By sharing his views with medical and science reporters, he hopes to offer straightforward answers about fertility procedures and encourage further conversation among peers in the field. It's all part of moving ART forward into a new and exciting direction that best serves patients and parents-to-be.

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