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Does Alcohol Affect Fertility?

By CARE Fertility on December 22, 2015

Woman drinking a glass of wineWhen most people imagine becoming parents, they think of the months of pregnancy, the labor and delivery, and what those first few weeks of parenthood will be like. The majority of these people do not think about how long it will take to make those dreams a reality, because many do not anticipate that conception will be a problem. However, for a great number of people, infertility is a struggle, and pregnancy does not come as quickly as they had hoped. Fertility treatment can help patients overcome sources of infertility to achieve a successful pregnancy, but it is important to know about the factors can affect fertility. There are many things that can affect fertility, and many studies suggest that alcohol is one of them. The fertility specialists at the Center for Assisted Reproduction, or CARE Fertility, can discuss the link between alcohol and fertility with our Fort Worth, TX patients so they know the best choices they can make in regards to alcohol consumption when it comes to preserving fertility.

How Alcohol Affects Fertility

It is difficult to determine the exact effect of alcohol on a person’s fertility. There are two factors that make it hard to pinpoint this effect. One is that studies rely on participants to accurately monitor and record their exact use of alcohol, which leaves a wide margin of error. The second is that there are many lifestyle choices that may affect fertility, so it is hard to isolate just a single factor (such as alcohol consumption) in order to determine its exact effect. However, even with all that in mind, studies do indicate that alcohol consumption, even that which is moderate, can affect fertility. When there is heavy drinking that link is even greater. Studies indicate that heavy drinking can significantly increase the length of time that it takes to become pregnant, and decrease the chance of having a healthy baby.

In light of these findings, there are some guidelines that women may wish to follow in order to prevent fertility complications linked to alcohol consumption, including the following:

  • To reduce health risks, healthy women should refrain from drinking more than two alcoholic drinks a day.
  • To reduce health risks, healthy women should refrain from drinking more than four alcoholic drinks on a single occasion.
  • Women attempting to conceive may wish to refrain from drinking alcohol altogether.
  • It is safest for pregnant women to avoid alcohol consumption.

Fertility Treatment

Alcohol is just one of many factors that may contribute to fertility problems. Whether alcohol or another condition is causing infertility, the doctors at CARE Fertility can help. There are many fertility treatments that can address common sources of infertility and help patients overcome these obstacles so that they can successfully conceive.

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If you are trying to conceive and have been experiencing difficulty, it may be time to consider fertility treatment. Schedule an appointment with one of the experienced fertility specialists at CARE Fertility to learn more about our fertility treatments and how they can help you on your path to parenthood.

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