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Day 21 Fertility Testing: What Patients Should Know

By CARE Fertility on February 25, 2015

A woman speaking to her doctorAt The Center for Assisted Reproduction in Dallas, we feel that the best fertility treatments are rooted in careful diagnosis and testing. This is why we take male and female fertility testing procedures so seriously. Female fertility testing is especially crucial since so much can be revealed about a woman's fertility and reproductive health by measuring hormone levels at different points in her cycle.

With this in mind, we'd like to go over the basics of Day 21 fertility testing so you understand why it is a crucial part of the treatment process.

What is Day 21 fertility testing?

Day 21 fertility testing refers to a blood test that is done on the 21st day of a woman's cycle. The bloodwork will allow fertility specialists to check on hormone levels and assess potential causes of infertility or reduced fertility.

Why is Day 21 fertility testing important?

During a Day 21 fertility test, doctors will note a patient's levels of progesterone and estradiol.

  • Progesterone - Progesterone is an crucial hormone for ovulation, pregnancy, and childbirth. A low level of progesterone during this test may indicate problems with egg viability or egg release as well as other issues.
  • Estradiol - Estradiol is one of the most important forms of estrogen.

Day 21 Testing Done in Conjunction with Day 3 Tests

Day 3 fertility testing involves bloodwork that is done on the third day of a woman's period. This type of fertility testing is performed in order to measure three important hormones:

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - FSH is crucial for the production of eggs and estrogen. Checking for FSH can help determine if there is an issue with egg viability or if a patient suffers from ovarian cysts.
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH) - Essential for ovulation, a high level of LH during Day 3 tests may be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or another medical condition.
  • Estradiol - As noted, estradiol is one of the most important forms of estrogen.

Taking Day 3 test results along with Day 21 test results allows fertility specialists to have a better understanding of the patient's needs.

Moving Forward: What to Expect After Fertility Testing

Once your fertility specialist has assessed the results of the Day 3 test and the Day 21 test, an ideal treatment can be determined to address the cause or causes of infertility.

Sometimes the treatment of a specific health condition or health issues can increase a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. In those cases, proper diagnosis of the problem and the most effective medical treatment of the condition can be determined.

With regard to fertility treatments, these Day 3 and Day 21 fertility tests often indicate the ideal assisted reproduction procedure to perform. In vitro fertilization (IVF) tends to be the most popular and well known, though the use of an egg donor, a sperm donor, and/or a surrogate carrier may be ideal as well for optimal results.

During your consultation with your fertility specialist, you will be able to learn more about all of these matters and make the choice with which you feel most comfortable.

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