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10 Things to do During the Wait Before Your Pregnancy Test

Oct 29, 2013 @ 09:04 AM – by CARE Fertility

Going through an infertility treatment cycle is a true test of patience.  The waiting period before a pregnancy test can be performed ranges from 11 days following ovulation for IUI patients to 9 days following an embryo transfer for IVF patients.   Some women describe it as the longest two weeks of their lives!  It does not have to be a time of high anxiety, however.  Below are some suggestions to help you pass the time more quickly, maintain a positive mood, and reduce stress

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Are antidepressants safe to take during pregnancy?

Oct 22, 2013 @ 09:10 AM – by CARE Fertility

Q:  I was having a hard time coping after my mother's death last year, and my PCP put me on the antidepressant, Zoloft.  It really seemed to give me a lift, and I've stayed on it.  Now I am trying to get pregnant.  Are antidepressants safe to take during pregnancy?

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Stress and Infertility

Oct 15, 2013 @ 09:03 AM – by Patricia McBride-Houtz

  In daily life, most of us manage fairly well in meeting the challenges of our basic needs like food and shelter, going to work, and managing our personal business.  The demands of infertility treatment, however, can overwhelm even the most resilient individual and leave the person feeling depressed, anxious, and out-of-control.  

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Exercise and Pregnancy

Oct 3, 2013 @ 09:26 AM – by CARE Fertility

I'm trying to get pregnant, will exercise help or not?


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