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The ABCs of TTC

Sep 12, 2010 @ 10:05 AM – by SEO Admin

Hop on any infertility (IF) website, support group or blogand you will immediately be inundated with a plethora of acronyms. It can be confusing, to say the least! It's a special language to be certain. As someone who has conquered IF, I thought it would be helpful to others starting down this road, or who know someone with IF and want o educate themselves,to have an understanding of what all of these letters mean. Some commonly used acronymsarelisted below in alphabetical order.

AF - Aunt Flow (your period)

ART - Assisted Reproductive Technology

BBT - Basal Body Temperature

BFN - Big Fat Negative (test result)

BFP - Big Fat Positive (test result)

CASA - Computer Assisted Semen Analysis

CB - Cycle Buddy (someone who shares the same menstrual cycle/ovulation dates)

CCCT - Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test (Clomid Challenge)

CD - Cycle Day