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The ABCs of TTC

By SEO Admin on September 12, 2010

Hop on any infertility (IF) website, support group or blogand you will immediately be inundated with a plethora of acronyms. It can be confusing, to say the least! It's a special language to be certain. As someone who has conquered IF, I thought it would be helpful to others starting down this road, or who know someone with IF and want o educate themselves,to have an understanding of what all of these letters mean. Some commonly used acronymsarelisted below in alphabetical order.

AF - Aunt Flow (your period)

ART - Assisted Reproductive Technology

BBT - Basal Body Temperature

BFN - Big Fat Negative (test result)

BFP - Big Fat Positive (test result)

CASA - Computer Assisted Semen Analysis

CB - Cycle Buddy (someone who shares the same menstrual cycle/ovulation dates)

CCCT - Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test (Clomid Challenge)

CD - Cycle Day

CF - Cervical Fluid

CL - Corpus Luteum

CM - Cervical Mucus

COH - Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation

CP - Cervical Position

CY(#) - Cycle (# - Number)

D&C or D&E - Dilation and Curettage or Dilation and Evacuation

DE - Donor Eggs

DH / DD / DS - Dearest or Darling Husband / Daughter / Son

DI - Donor Insemination

DPO - DaysPast Ovulation

Dx - Diagnosis

E2 - Estradiol (Estrogen)

EC - Embryo Cyro/Freezing

EDD - Estimated Due Date

ENDO - Endometriosis

EPT - Early Pregnancy Test

ER - Egg Retrieval

ERT - Estrogen Replacement Therapy

ET - Egg/Embryo Transfer

EW - Egg White (consistency of cervical mucus)

FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer

FP - Follicular Phase

FM - Fertility Monitor

FSH - Follicle Stimulation Horomone

FTTA - Fertile Thoughts To All

FMU - First Morning Urine

hCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (pregnancy horomone)

HPT - Home Pregnancy Test

HSC - Hysteroscopy

HSG - Hysterosalpingogram

ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

IF - Infertility

IM - Intra Muscular (injections)

IUI / AI - Intrauterine Insemination / Artificial Insemination


With Clomid

With FSH (gonadotropins) - Follicle Stimulating Horomone

With Donor Sperm

IVF - In Vitro Fertilization

LH- Luteinizing Horomone

LAP - Laparoscopy

LMP - Late Menstrual Period

LP - Luteal Phase

2WW - Two Week Wait (Luteal Phase)

LSP - Low Sperm Count

MC or m/c - Miscarriage

MF - Male Factor

O or OV - Ovulation

OB - Obstetrician

OB/GYN - Obstetrician/Gynecologist

OC - Oral Contraceptives

OCP - Oral Contraceptive Pill

OD - Ovulatory Dysfunction

OHSS - Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit

OTC - Over The Counter

PCAP - Polycystic Appearing Ovaries

PCO - Polycystic Ovaries

PCOD - Polycystic Ovary Disease

PCOS (POS) - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCT - Post Coital Test

PG - Pregnancy, pregnant

PGD - Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

PI - Primary Infertility

PID - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome

POC - Products Of Conception

REI or RE - Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility or Reproductive Endocrinologist

RPL - Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Rx - Prescription

SA - Semen Analysis

SB or s/b - Stillbirth

SI - Secondary Infertility

SO - Significant Other

TR - Tube Reversal

TL - Tubal Ligation

TTC - Trying To Conceive

Tx- Treatment

US or u/s - Ultrasound

V - Vasectomy

VR -Vasectomy Reversal

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