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By SEO Admin on March 12, 2010

Last week I was inspired to blog about one patient's success with weight loss. She lost a whopping 80 lbs. by making simple, modest lifestyle changes. This week I would like to share my enthusiasm about a new workout DVD. First, let me fill you in on a little background. I am the Queen of at-home work out videos. I love not having to worry about make-up or the latest trends in work-out fashion. I can wear my 80's leg warmers and baggy 90's work-out bicycling stretchy shorts with pride! Nobody is around to judge or criticize me. I do not have to keep up with some young twenty-something who has flat abs and "perky" breasts and who is really at the gym to check out the cute guys. And my rule at home is, "IF YOU COME IN THE ROOM WHEN I'M WORKING OUT AND MAKE FUN OF ME, THEN YOU MUST DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WORK OUT WITH ME." This is a surefire way to get rid of any husband. And if he does take the challenge, he will forever respect what you are doing. After trying to keep up with what he considered a "wienie" step work-out, my husband steers clear of me when I'm exercising. I showed him!

Now back to the awesome DVD. The title is "Walk Slim," by Leslie Sansone. I've been having some trouble with my left knee lately and purchased the DVD thinking that at least I could walk to maintain some form of regular exercise. I also thought it would be a great workout -- sort of simple and low impact -- for days when the thought of working-out is about as appealing has having a root canal. You know, for the mornings when I've indulged the night before by eating "just a handful" (funny, I seem to have HUGE hands) of buttered popcorn or some other forbidden something that leaves me guilt-ridden and feeling rather icky the next day. Walking is easy, right? The walking workout was probably going to be easy and a little boring, right? WRONG!!!! I loved it! Let me emphasize that again -- I LOVED IT. It was easy, but what a workout. And my first mile flew by so fast, unlike the treadmill where I look at the time gauge in anticipation because it seems like I've been walking forever -- and it only registers 1 minute and 30 seconds. Ugh, I think. Only 29 minutes and 30 seconds to go. What an eternity. The walking workout includes a warm-up period and 4 miles of walking. I had only planned to do the first mile, but it was so much fun and the time went by so quickly that I did two miles the first day and three miles the next. The leader, Leslie, looks like a real woman -- the kind with hips and thighs and to use a tabloid favorite, with "curves." And the rest of her work-out buddies are regular women ranging in age from twenty-something to fifty-something. And there is even one guy working out who is wearing a T-shirt entitled, "Forced to Workout." This young, handsome guy could barely keep up with these gals! The walking starts out at a fairly brisk pace (think marching in place) and increases with each mile. In addition to walking, you use your arms and legs and believe me, I was breaking a sweat by the second mile. Leslie tells you that doing the entire 4 miles burns off the calories from one meal. She does not specify exactly how many calories she is talking about, but I figure that most meals designed for weight loss contain at least around 400 calories. Burning 400 calories in one workout is phenomenal. The final mile incorporates strength building moves using a band. And get this, I purchased the DVD, which includes the band, for only $9.00 at Walmart. What a deal!

At CARE, patients are often told to reduce their weight and lower their BMI. Studies have shown that obesity and a high BMI can lower your chances of conceiving. If your physician has encouraged you to lose weight and start a regular exercise program, I would highly recommend this walking workout. It is easy and fun and most importantly, it does not require an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. It can be done in the privacy of your own living room at any time of the day or night.

Have you had success with losing weight? Do you have a great tip to help someone else eat healthier or start an exercise program? If so, please email me at Have a great week.

Dr. McBride
CARE Psychologist

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