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By SEO Admin on March 05, 2010

Okay, here is my first attempt at blogging. I had an inspiring visit with a patient today and wanted to share what she had to say with other CARE patients trying to lose weight. This patient is a young, African American woman diagnosed with PCOS two years ago. She was told that obesity is a factor in the development of PCOS, and was instructed by her physician to lose weight if she wanted to increase her ability to become pregnant. To date, she has lost 80 lbs., has no more cysts on her ovaries, and has normal menstrual cycles. She is so happy with her weight loss, and with the news that she can move forward with her plan to have a baby. I congratulated her, but also picked her brain about how she managed to be so successful with her weight loss efforts. Here is what she had to say: 1. She did not go on a "diet." She just started making small changes that had a huge impact. For example, she gave up soft drinks and started drinking more water. 2. She started moving -- playing Guitar Hero and Dance Revolution and took the long way to carry out the trash. 3. She started eating more vegetables and fruit and less candy and junk food. 4. She switched from white to whole wheat bread and pasta. More fiber fills you up and "keeps things moving." 5. She stayed motivated by seeing the pounds melt off. 6. She viewed her new eating habits and exercise approach as a permanent lifestyle change, not a temporary starvation diet that you "stop" down the road. 7. The exercise and healthy eating had unanticipated benefits -- she developed more self-confidence. 8. Her partner lost 60 pounds along with her! 9. She feels confident in her ability to eat healthy and manage her weight during pregnancy. 10. Do not give up! You can eat well and still lose weight. Deprivation is not part of the equation. I think the most important message here is that losing weight does not have to feel like a chore. This person had phenomenal success with a good attitude and reasonable dietary changes. No marathons, no weight lifting, no eating only grapefruit or cabbage soup. And she developed a healthy relationship with food along the way. Great job! Dr. McBride CARE Psychologist

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