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Diana & Tiffany

Tubal Reversal Patient Dallas, Fort Worth


After having her tubes tied at 26, Diana changed her mind about wanting to conceive another child. Just three short months after undergoing tubal reversal at CARE in Fort Worth, Diana became pregnant.

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My name is Diana and this is Tiffany. When I was 26, I had my tubes tied and I remarried last year, or two years ago and we decided we needed a baby, so I had my tubes reversed and I got pregnant three months afterwards and now we have Tiffany and she is very healthy and happy and it was very successful. The people in this office were great, basically that is my experience. I have a 15-year-old and now I have a built-in baby sitter and I forgot how much work they are and they take up so much time but they are very, very much worth it.

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