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Hormonal Testing

Hormone Testing Dallas, Texas


An important part of the initial evaluation as well as the monitoring of treatment cycles is hormonal testing. Our Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas physicians evaluate a woman's reproductive capacity by testing the hormone levels in her body.

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An important part of the initial evaluation as well as monitoring treatment cycles is hormonal testing. They are both pituitary and ovarian hormone that play a role in a woman’s reproductive capacity, so measuring blood levels of these hormones may be important in diagnosing or identifying a cause for the couple’s infertility and of course when we are using fertility medications to treat the woman, the use of hormonal testing aides us in improving success rates and making the cycle as safe as possible. Hormonal testing of course is a blood test and at the Center for Assisted Reproduction, we do all of our own hormonal testing on site. This is beneficial to the patient because she does not have to travel to another location to have her blood drawn and most importantly we are able to give the patient the results in a very short period of time typically within a few hours as opposed to a commercial laboratory where the results may not be returned until the next day or perhaps even several days later.

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